Nie Guangjun

National Center Nanoscience & Technology, China
Telephone: +86-10-82545529
Address: Zhongguancun, Beiyitiao No.11 
Postcode: Beijing 100190 

Dr. Guangjun Nie is awarded CAS 100 Talents Scientist and Chief Scientist of National Basic Research Programs, Ministry of Science and Technology of China, National Distinguished Youth Scientists. Hi is regarded as a leading scientist in nanomaterials and nanomedicine in China, and internationally has a profile as a leader in the fields of nanomedicine, biomaterials research and tumor biology. He has a long standing interest in cancer biology, blood physiology and pathophysiology of human disorders involving disregulation of redox balance and metal metabolism. His seminal works on the pathophysiological roles and expression regulation of mitochondrial ferritin highlighted the importance of the protein in physiology and in various diseases, including cancer, iron overload disorders and Parkinson’s Diseases. More recently his major focus has been on the use of bio-inspired biomaterials and nanotechnology-enabled methods to generate multifunctional nanostructures to overcome the current medical barriers in tumor therapy. By introducing multifunctional nanostructures, specific regulating and targeting both tumor cells and their microenvironment have been achieved. By elaborated choosing various nanoproperties of nanostructures, Dr. Nie’s laboratory designed various effective antitumor nanoparticles. He is leading a group of 30 scientists and initiated a key project on studying regulations of both tumor cells and their microenvironments, especially tumor associated macrophages and fibroblasts to inhibit tumor fast growth and their metastasis with nanotechnology-enable methods. His most recent research activities generated a group of interdisciplinary works in nanobiology and nanomedicine fields. He is an experienced supervisor of postgraduate students and collaborates widely both within China and internationally.


Research Areas

Dr. Nie's group research interests include: 1) Targeting and regulation of tumors and their microenvironment mediated by intelligent functional nanomaterials for diagnostic and therapeutic applications, especially pancreatic and liver cancers. 2) Novel biomaterials design and synthesis inspired by biological systems and design of functional molecular machinery. 3) Cellular membrane vesicle systems and the roles of exosomes in biological effects of nanomaterials and drug delivery. 4) Development of novel nanomedicines for treatment of major human metabolic diseases, neurodegenerative diseases and iron and redox related human disorders.


MS, Jilin Univ, 1999

PhD, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2002

MBA, Simon Fraser, Canada, 2007


Work Experience

2008-  Full Professor, National Center for Nanoscience and Technology, China

2012-  Affiliated Professor, Northeast University, Shenyang, China

2010-  Affiliated Senior Member, Methodist Hospital Research Institute, Houston, US

2011-2014  Affiliated Professor, East China Univ of Science and Technology, Shanghai

2009-2011  Affiliated Professor, Tianjin University, Tianjin, China

Teaching Experience

Teaching at University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, National Center for Nanoscience and Technology, Northeast Univ and  East China Univ of Science and Technology

Honors & Distinctions

Current Grants (PI, among 26 grants, RMB):

2018-2022, MoST National Basic Research Plan, Regulation of Tumor Microenvironment via Smart Nanomedicinesm, 3M

2018-2022, NSFC Key Research Grant, Development of Novel Nanomedicines for Liver Cancer, 3M

2014-2017, National Distinguished Youth Scientist, National Natural Science Foundation, 3.2 M

2014-2015, CAS Key Research Grant, Functional Nanomaterials for Biomedical applications, 5.4 M

2012-2016, 973 Grant, Regulation of Tumor Microenvironment via Functional Nanomaterials, 28 M

2010-2014, 100 Talent Program, 2 M


Recent research activities of Dr. Nie's group generated a group of interdisciplinary works in nanobiology, nanomedicine and blood physiology fields, including over 138 papers published in Nature Biotechnology, Nature Biomedical Engineering, Adv Mater, Angew Chem, JACS, Nano Letters, Blood, Biomaterials, Br J Haematol, JBC, Cancer Letters, Molecular Cancer Therapeutics.

His Group has also filled over 40 patents on novel nanomedicines and 22 of them have been granted, with two patents transferred to the biotechnology industry.

1.   Wang H, Zhao RF, Li YY, Liu HY, Li F, Zhao YL, Nie GJ*, Aspect ratios of gold nanoshell capsules mediated melanoma ablation by synergistic photothermal therapy and chemotherapy, Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology, and Medicine, 2016, 12, 439-448.
2.   Zhao X, Yang KN, Zhao RF, Ji TJ, Wang XC, Yang X, Zhang YL, Cheng KM, Liu SL, Hao JH, Ren H, Leong KW, Nie GJ*, Inducing enhanced immunogenic cell death with nanocarrier-based drug delivery systems for pancreatic cancer therapy, Biomaterials, 2016, 102, 187-197.
3.   Xiao Yang, Yanping Ding, Tianjiao Ji, Xiao Zhao, Hai Wang, Xiaozheng Zhao, Ruifang Zhao, Jingyan Wei, Sheng Qi, Guangjun Nie*, Improvement of the In Vitro Safety Profile and Cytoprotective Efficacy of Amifostine against Chemotherapy by PEGylation Strategy, Biochemical Pharmacology, 2016, 108, 11-21.
4.   Xiao Song, Yanping Ding, Gang Liu, Xiao Yang, Ruifang Zhao, Yinlong Zhang, Xiao Zhao, Gregory J Anderson and Guangjun Nie*Cancer Cell-Derived Exosomes Induce Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase-Dependent Monocyte Survival by Transport of Functional Receptor Tyrosine Kinases. J Biol Chem2016, 291(16), 8453-8464.
5.   Shishuai Su, Yanping Ding, Yiye Li, Yan Wu*Guangjun Nie*, Integration of photothermal therapy and synergistic chemotherapy by a porphyrin self-assembled micelle confers chemosensitivity in triple-negative breast cancer, Biomaterials, 2016, 80, 169–178.
6.    Ji T, Li S, Zhang Y, Lang J, Ding Y, Zhao X, Zhao R, Li Y, Shi J, Hao J, Zhao Y, Nie Guangjun*An MMP-2 Responsive Liposome Integrating Antifibrosis and Chemotherapeutic Drugs for Enhanced Drug Perfusion and Efficacy in Pancreatic Cancer. ACS Appl Mater Interfaces. 2016, 8(5):3438-45.
7.   Gang Liu, Yongwei Wang, Gregory J. Anderson, Clara Camaschella, Yanzhong Chang, and Guangjun Nie*Functional Analysis of GLRX5 Mutants Reveals Distinct Functionalities of GLRX5 ProteinJournal of Cellular Biochemistry, 2016, 117(1), 207-217.
8.   Tianjiao Ji, Ying Zhao, Yanping Ding, Jing Wang, Ruifang Zhao, Jiayan Lang, Hao Qin, Xiaoman Liu, Jian Shi, Ning Tao, Zhihai Qin, Guangjun Nie, Yuliang Zhao*, Transformable Peptide Nanocarriers for Expeditious Drug Release and Effective Cancer Therapy via Cancer-Associated Fibroblast Activation, Angewandte Chemie international Edition, 2016, 55(3), 1050-1055.
9.   Tianjiao Ji, Yanping Ding, Ying Zhao*, Jing Wang, Hao Qin, Xiaoman Liu, Jiayan Lang, Ruifang Zhao, Yinlong Zhang, Jian Shi, Ning Tao, Zhihai Qin*, Guangjun Nie*, Peptide Assemblies Integration of Fibroblast Targeting and Cell Penetration Features for Enhanced Antitumor Drugs Delivery, Advanced Materials, 2015, 27(11), 1865-1873.
10.   Shishuai Su, Yanhua Tian, Yiye Li, Yanping Ding, Tianjiao Ji, Meiyu Wu, Yan Wu*, Guangjun Nie*, “Triple-punch” Strategy for Triple Negative Breast Cancer Therapy with Minimized Drug Dosage and Improved Antitumor Efficacy, ACS Nano, 2015, 9(2), 1367-1378.
11.   Feng Li, Xiao Zhao, Hai Wang, Ruifang Zhao, Tianjiao Ji, He Ren, Gregory J. Anderson, Guangjun Nie*, Jihui Hao*, Multiple layer-by-layer lipid-polymer hybrid nanoparticles for improved FOLFIRINOX chemotherapy in pancreatic tumor models, Advanced Functional Materials, 2015, 25(5), 788-798.
12.   Xiao Zhao, Feng Li, Yiye Li, Hai Wang, He Ren, Jing Chen, Guangjun Nie*, Jihui Hao*, Co-delivery of HIF1α siRNA and Gemcitabine via Biocompatible Lipid-polymer Hybrid Nanoparticles for Effective Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer, Biomaterials, 2015, 46,13-25.
13.   Feng Li, Jing Wang, Shuqing Sun*, Hai Wang, Zhiyong Tang, Guangjun Nie*, Facile Synthesis of pH-sensitive Germanium Nanocrystals with High Quantum Yield for Intracellular Acidic Compartment Imaging, Small, 2015, 11(16), 1954-1961.
14.   Jing Wang, Gang Liu, Zi Xu, Jian Shi, Ye Hu, Zhongbo Hu, Guangjun Nie*, Yan-zhong Chang*, Yuliang Zhao*, Hepcidin levels in hyperprolactinemic women monitored by nanopore thin film based assay: correlation with pregnancy-associated hormone prolactin, Nanomedicine NBM, 2015, 11(4), 871-878.
15.   Yanping Ding, Tianjiao Ji, Ying Zhao, Yinlong Zhang, Xiaozheng Zhao, Ruifang Zhao, Jiayan Lang, Xiao Zhao, Jian Shi, Saraswati Sukumar, Guangjun Nie*, Improvement of stability and efficacy of C16Y therapeutic peptide via molecular self-assembly into tumor-responsive nanoformulation, Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, 2015, 14(10), 2390-2400.
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Hold 20 granted Chinese and US patents in nanomedicine

Filed 18 Chinese patents in nanomedicine

Research Interests



Have been invited plenary or keynote speaker at more than 10 international and national meetings since 2010, including

ChinaNANO - Int Conf on Nanoscience & Technology, Beijing, 2009, 2011, 2013

Materials Research Society (MRS), Fan Francisco, CA, US, 2012

17th IUPAB International Biophysics Congress, Beijing, 2011

Pacifichem 2010, Hawiii, 2010

OECD Workshop on the Safety Testing of Manufactured, Busan, Korea, 2008





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张彬颢  博士研究生  0710J1-纳米科学与技术  

Recent Publications

1. Suping Li, Chen Song, Yanhua Tian, Qiao Jiang, Jing Wang, Yiguo Zou, Greg J Anderson, Jing-Yan Han, Xiaowei Mao, Guangjun Nie*, Hao Yan*, Baoquan Ding*, Yuliang Zhao*, Specific targeting of thrombin to tumour vessels by reconfigurable DNA-origami nanostructures induces tumour infarction, Nature Biotechnology, 2018, 36(3):258-264.

2. Suping Li, Yinlong Zhang, Jing Wang, Ying Zhao, Tianjiao Ji, Xiao Zhao, Yanping Ding, Xiaozheng Zhao, Ruifang Zhao, Feng Li, Xiao Yang, Shaoli Liu, Zhaofei Liu, Jianhao Lai, Andrew K. Whittaker, Gregory J Anderson, Jingyan Wei, Guangjun Nie*, Nanoparticle-enabled local depletion of tumor-associated platelets enhances anti-tumor efficacy of chemotherapeutics, Nature Biomedical Engineering, 1, 667-679, 2017.

3. Keman Cheng, Yanping Ding, Ying Zhao, Shefang Ye, Xiao Zhao, Yinlong Zhang, Tianjiao Ji, Gregory J. Anderson, Lei Ren, Guangjun Nie, Engineering Peptide-Assembly Empowers Effective Co-Inhibition of Programmed Cell Death-Ligand 1 and Idoleamine 2, 3-Dioxygenase for Melanoma Immunotherapy, Nano Letters, 2018, 18(5):3250-3258.

4. Yi Yuan, Chong Du, Cuiji Sun, Jin Zhu, Shan Wu, Yinlong Zhang, Tianjiao Ji, Jianlin Lei, Yinmo Yang, Ning Gao and Guangjun Nie, Chaperonin-GroEL as a smart hydrophobic drug delivery and tumor targeting molecular machine for tumor therapy, Nano Letters, 2018, 18(2):921-928.

5. Feng Li; Yiye Li; Xiao Yang; Yang Jiao; Huaping Xu, Guangjun Nie, Highly Fluorescent Chiral N-S-Doped Carbon Dots from Cysteine Affect Cellular Energy Metabolism, Angew Chem, 2018, 57(9):2377-2382.

6. Linhao You, Yinlong Zhang, Xuexiang Han, Shanshan Guo, Tianyu Dong, Junchao Xu, Jing Wang, Tianqing Liu, Greg J Anderson, Qiang Liu, Yanzhong Chang and Guangjun Nie, Targeted Brain Delivery of Rabies Virus Glycoprotein 29-Modified Deferoxamine-Loaded Nanoparticles Reverses Functional Deficits in Parkinsonian Mice, ACS Nano, 2018, 12(5):4123-4139.

7. Ruifang Zhao, Xuexiang Han, Yiye Li, Hai Wang, Tianjiao Ji, Yuliang Zhao Guangun Nie, Photothermal Effect Enhanced Cascade-Targeting Strategy for Improved Pancreatic Cancer Therapy by Gold Nanoshell@Mesoporous Silica Nanorod, ACS Nano, 2017, 11(8):8103-8113. 

8.Tianjiao Ji, Jiayan Lang, Jing Wang, Rong Cai, Yinlong Zhang, Feifei Qi, Xiao Zhao, Jihui Hao, Ying Zhao, Guangjun Nie, Fine-tuned Co-assembly of Peptide-hybrid Liposomes for Site-Specific Regulation of Tumor Stroma for Enhanced Drug Penetration and Pancreatic Tumor Chemotherapy, ACS Nano, 2017 11(9):8668-8678.

9. Chao Liu, Jiayi Guo, Fei Tian, Na Yang, Fusheng Yan, Yanping Ding, JingYan Wei, Guoqing Hu*, Guangjun Nie*, Jiashu Sun*, Field-Free Isolation of Exosomes from Extracellular Vesicles by Microfluidic Viscoelastic Flows, ACS Nano, 11(7):6968-6976. 

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11. Xiao Zhao, Liang Liu, Jiayan Lang, Keman Cheng, Yongwei Wang, Xueyan Li, Jian Shi, Yanli Wang, Guangjun Nie*, A CRISPR-Cas13a system for efficient and specific therapeutic targeting of mutant KRAS for pancreatic cancer treatment, Cancer Letters, 2018, 431:171-181.

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 15. Xiao Zhao1,2#, Wei Sun2#,&, Hao Qin1, Xuexiang Han1, Yongwei Wang1, Xiuchao Wang2, Jiayan Lang1, Ruifang Zhao1, Jian shi1, Jihui Hao2, Qing Robert Miao1,3, Guangjun Nie1, He Ren, Precision design of nanomedicine to restore gemcitabine chemosensitivity for personalized pancreatic cancer treatment, Biomaterials, 2018 Mar;158:44-55.