long Zhang, Male,  doctoral supervisor, Shanghai Institute of Fine mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Telephone: 021-69918196
Address: No.390 Qinghe Rd, Jiading District, Shanghai, China 
Postcode: 201800

Research Areas

1) Advanced infrared optical materials

2) Laser Ceramics

3)Optical micro cavity




Work Experience

2015-01~now, Shanghai Institute of Fine mechanics, Deputy Director
2006-01~now, Shanghai Institute of Fine mechanics, Researcher/Doctoral Supervisor
2001-05~2006-01,Münster University, Germany, Post doctor of DFG in Germany
2000-08~2001-04,Shanghai Institute of Fine mechanics, Assistant Researcher
1995-09~2000-07,Shanghai Institute of Fine mechanics, Doctor
1991-09~1995-07, East China University of Science and Technology, Undergraduate


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( 1 ) 一种共掺杂双波长可调谐荧光输出的介孔磷酸铝玻璃制备方法, 发明, 2010, 第 1 作者, 专利号: 201010572097.5
( 2 ) 高比表面积介孔磷酸铝玻璃及其制备方法, 发明, 2010, 第 1 作者, 专利号: 201010126593.8
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( 6 ) 氧氮化铝粉体的合成方法, 发明, 2013, 第 2 作者, 专利号: CN103242043A
( 7 ) 宽频谱电磁屏蔽光窗, 发明, 2013, 第 1 作者, 专利号: 201310628019.6
( 8 ) 低粘度易析晶玻璃的漏料系统, 发明, 2013, 第 3 作者, 专利号: 201310431976.x
( 9 ) 掺镱氟磷酸锶微晶掺镱氟磷酸盐玻璃复合材料及制备方法, 发明, 2013, 第 2 作者, 专利号: CN103319093A
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( 13 ) 一种氟化物作为烧结助剂的掺钕钇铝石榴石透明陶瓷的制备方法, 发明, 2014, 第 2 作者, 专利号: 201410041204.x
( 14 ) 量子点掺杂的磷酸铝介孔玻璃纳米复合物及其制备方法, 发明, 2014, 第 3 作者, 专利号: 201410116521.3
( 15 ) Ce3+,Tb3+:YAG微晶玻璃的制备方法, 发明, 2015, 第 3 作者, 专利号: CN104844001A

Research Interests

( 1 ) 高端红外玻璃面向产业化关键技术研究, Project Leader, Provincal Level, 2009-01--2011-12
( 2 ) 非硅(氟)氧玻璃及其稀土离子掺杂sol-gel合成研究, Project Leader, National Level, 2008-12--2011-12
( 3 ) AlPO4 介孔玻璃激光染料掺杂及发光特性研究, Project Leader, National Level, 2011-01--2013-12
( 4 ) 新型xxBGG红外玻璃研制, Project Leader, National Level, 2009-07--2011-06
( 5 ) xxx微纳复合激光材料研究, Project Leader, National Level, 2009-07--2011-06
( 6 ) 新型高功率激光材料:xx晶体/玻璃微纳复合材料, Project Leader, Ministerial level, 2009-10--2011-09
( 7 ) 利用强场激光诱导实现红外窗口的抗电磁干扰功能, Project Leader, National Level, 2010-04--2012-03
( 8 ) 大尺寸XXX红外窗口研制, Project Leader, National Level, 2011-01--2015-12
( 9 ) 新型XX材料研究, Project Leader, Ministerial level, 2011-01--2012-12
( 10 ) 大口径隐身网栅超精密加工平台 ,Project Leader, Ministerial level, 2013-07--2015-07
( 11 ) 稀土红外玻璃关键技术及产业化 , Project Leader, National Level, 2013-09--2016-09
( 12 ) XX硫化合物玻璃 , Project Leader, National Level, 2013-06--2016-06
( 13 ) 新型可控胶体量子点/微腔复合体系低维光场调控和耦合物理效益研究, Project Leader, National Level, 2015-01--2018-12
( 14 ) 高效宽带重频激光增益材料研究, Project Leader, National Level, 2014-07--2016-06


(1)Study of Infrared optical materials and frontier applications   Long Zhang   2013-11-19
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(12)Progress of Sol-Gel Preparation towards Non-Siliceous Glasses   L. Zhang, H. Eckert   2005-04-01



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