Wanli Yang 
Associate Professor & & PhD of Physics
Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics, CAS
Telephone: 027-87199580 
Fax: 0086-27-87198576
Address: No.30 Xiao Hong Shan,Wuhan 430071 China 
Postcode: 430071

Research Areas

Quantum computation
Solid-state quantum information processing
Quantum optics


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(2) Quantum simulation of an artificial Abelian gauge field using nitrogen-vacancy-center ensembles coupled to superconducting resonators,PHYSICAL REVIEW A ,2012.
(3) Entangling separate nitrogen-vacancy centers in a scalable fashion via coupling to microtoroidal resonators,PHYSICAL REVIEW A,2011.
(4) Quantum dynamics and quantum state transfer between separated nitrogen-vacancy centers embedded in photonic crystal cavities,PHYSICAL REVIEW A,2011.
(5) High-fidelity quantum memory using nitrogen-vacancy center ensemble for hybrid quantum computation,PHYSICAL REVIEW A,2011.
(6) Entanglement of nitrogen-vacancy-center ensembles using transmission line resonators and a superconducting phase qubit,PHYSICAL REVIEW A,2011.
(7) One-step implementation of multiqubit conditional phase gating with nitrogen-vacancy centers coupled to a high-Q silica microsphere cavity,APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS,2010.
(8) Entanglement of separate nitrogen-vacancy centers coupled to a whispering-gallery mode cavity,NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS,2010.
(9) Proposed method for direct measurement of the non-Markovian character of the qubits,PHYSICAL REVIEW A,2010.
(10) Quantum-information-processing architecture with endohedral fullerenes in a carbon nanotube,PHYSICAL REVIEW A,2010.