Prof.Dr.  Yonghong Bi  

Institute of hydrobiology, CAS
Telephone: 02768780016
Address: 7, Donghunan Road, Wuhan city, Hubei province, China 
Postcode: 430072

Research Areas

Algal ecology, Microbial ecology, Aquatic ecosystem, bioremediation, algal resource exploitation


Institution                                            Major                           Degree             Year

Huazhong Agriculture University      Aquaculture                           B.S.                  1998

Shanghai Ocean University                Hydrobiology                       M.S.                   2001

Graduate School of CAS                    Hydrobiology                       Ph.D                   2004


river/lake/ reservoir investigation in situ;

algal species identificaiton;

water quality measurement and assessment;


Phytoplankton structure and function;

aquatic ecosystem and environmental management

Work Experience

2015-  at present   Prof., Principal Investigator, Algal ecology Lab. Research Center of Algal Biology and Applied,

2013--2015 Associate Professor, Principal Investigator, Center for Algal Biology and Applied Research

2009—2010 Senior Visiting Scholar, National Research Center for Environment and Health, Neuherberg/Munich, Germany

2009--2012    Associate Professor, Center for Algal Biology and Applied Research

2008--2009  Assistant Professor, Center for Algal Biology and Applied Research

2004--2008  Assistant Professor, Center for Aquatic Biodiversity and Resource Conservation

Teaching Experience

Aquaculture; aquatic chemistry; algal ecology;


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