Weixin Liao, male, doctoral director

shenzhen institute of advanced technology, Chinese academy of sciences
Mailing address: room 308, engineering building, Chinese university of Hong Kong, shatin, Hong Kong

Research Areas

Advanced electronic packaging materials


080502 - materials science
080501- material physics and chemistry
080503- material processing engineering


Work Experience

From August 2014 to now, associate dean of school of engineering, Chinese university of Hong Kong
2008-08 - now, professor, Chinese university of Hong Kong
From June 2003 to July 2008, associate professor, Chinese university of Hong Kong
From August 1997 to June 2003, assistant professor, Chinese university of Hong Kong

Teaching Experience

1993-08 -- 1997-05 graduate/PhD, Pennsylvania state university, USA



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(1) Ankle-Foot Prosthesis Device and Methods of Use, invention, 2016, author no. 1, patent no. 15/280,788
(2) self-powered, self-sensing Magnetorheological Dampers, invention, 2015, author no. 1, Patent no. : China Patent, ZL201010257348.0
(3) Apparatus and the Methods to Control Magnetorheological Damping/style with Energy Harvesting, invention, 2016, the first author, patent number: 201610647828.5
(4) Optical Pickup Assemblies and Drive Systems with the Same, invention, 2013, author 1, Patent no. : US Patent 8,605,558
(5) Magnetorheological Actuators, invention, 2012, author no. 1, US Patent no. 8 193 670

Research Interests

Advanced electronic packaging materials

Honors & Distinctions

(1) Outstanding Fellow of the Faculty of Engineering, 2014
(2) Vice-Chancellor's Exemplary Teaching Award 2011
(3) ASME Best Paper Award in Structures,2008
(4) The Young Researcher Award 2007