于峰崎 男 汉族 博导 深圳先进技术研究院

Fengqi Yu, Male, Professor, CAS Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology
Telephone: 0755-86392172
Mobile phone:  13025447469

Research Areas

1) Wireless communication networks

2) Integrated circuits and systems

3) MEMS chip

4) Signal processing


Ph.D., Integrated Circuits and System Lab (ICSL), Univeristy of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) 


2006  present:  Professor, Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology (CAS)

2003 - 2006: ProfessorInstitute of Computing Technology (CAS)

Work Experience

1)Sr. Principal Engineer, valence, CA, USA

     Design CMOS RF chip

2) Sr. design engineer, Teradyne, CA, USA  

     Design Digital ASIC

3) Analog circuit design engineer, Intel, CA, USA 

     Design PLL for Pentium II.

4)  Design engineer, Rockwell Scicence Center, CA, USA

     Design wireless sensor




Published more than 150 papers in last 10 yeas, the represent publication in last 5 years:

1. Zusheng Zhang, Fengqi Yu, Liang Chen, and Guangming Cao, CENet: A Cabinet Environmental Sensing Network, Sensors-Basel, Vol. 10, pp. 1022-1040, 2010.

2. Qi Zhang, Fengqi Yu, and A. Nallanathan, Improving Achievable Rates in MPSK Amplify-and-Forward Relay Networks via Clipping, IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, vol. 59, no. 5, pp. 2133-2137, June 2010.

3. Dasong Peng and Fengqi Yu, “An Experimental Method for Obtaining Device Parameters of SAW RFID Tag,” IEEE Trans. Ultrason., Ferroelect., Freq. Contr., vol. 57, no. 6, pp.1478-1482, June 2010.

4. Baoli Zhang and Fengqi Yu, Low-complex Energy-efficient Localization Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks Using Directional Antenna, IET Communications, Vol. 4, iss. 13, pp.1617-1623, 2010.

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6. Liqiang Tao and Fengqi Yu, ECODA: Enhanced Congestion Detection and Avoidance for Multiple Class of Traffic in Sensor Networks, IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics, vol. 56, no. 3, pp. 1387-1394, Aug. 2010.

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14. Xiao Xiao, Yuanfu Lu, Fengqi Yu, and Lei Jin, "Theoretical analysis of the wavelength tuning characteristics in a tunable external cavity diode laser based on single cavity all-dielectric thin-film Fabry-Perot filter", Chin. Opt. Lett., Vol. 10, Issue s1, pp. S11411, 2012.

15. Liqiang Tao and Fengqi Yu, Delay-Jitter Aware Slot Assignment for Real-Time Applications in Wireless Multimedia Ad Hoc Sensor NetworksComputer Communications, 2012.

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20. Cuilin Zhong, Fengqi Yu, Yuanpeng Sun, Wei Nie, and Maoyan Wang, Shortened Directional Coupler Using Slow Wave Structure of Periodically Loaded Capacitance and Inductance, International Journal of Numerical Modeling Electronic Networks, Device and Fields, 2013.

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32. Wenjian Jiang, Fengqi Yu, and Qinjin Huang. A low-power high-speed true single-phase clock-based divide-by-2/3 prescaler. IEICE Electronics Express, 2016.


Filed more than 50 patents. The granted patents in the last 3 years:

1. 王志奇、李磊、于峰崎,架空输电线路的监测装置及监测方法(发明),专利号:ZL 2009 1 0239644.5,申请日:20091231日,授权公告日:201563

2. 俞挺、于峰崎、彭本贤,微测辐射热计红外探测器及其制备方法(发明)专利号:ZL 2011 1 0150974.4,申请日:201167日,授权公告日:2015415

3. 吕广燊、于峰崎、曹光明,无线传感器网络中的时间同步方法及系统(发明),专利号:ZL 2011 1 0236264.3,申请日:2011817日,授权公告日:201578

4. 张宝利、于峰崎,传感器网络节点定位方法(发明),专利号:ZL 2011 1 0066016.9,申请日:2011318日,授权公告日:2015515

5. 张足生、于峰崎,基于无线传感器网络的车位探测系统,专利号:ZL 2012 1 0118884.1,申请日:2012420日,授权公告日:201563

6. 张旗、李磊于峰崎,电力载波通信方法及装置(发明),专利号:ZL 2009 1 0239647.9,申请日:20091231日,授权公告日:2014326日  (与上面的是不同专利)

7. 肖啸、于峰崎, 可调谐外腔半导体激光器(发明),专利号:ZL 2011 1 0118563.7,申请日:201159日,授权公告日:201486

8. 陈亮、于峰崎,无线传感器网络中的数据分发方法(发明),专利号:ZL 2012 1 0164141.8,申请日:2012524日,授权公告日:20141029

9. 史克青、刘克东、于峰崎,电子身份证验证系统(发明)专利号:ZL 2011 1 0382693.1,申请日:2011125日,授权公告日:2014716

10. 曹光明、于峰崎,无线网络传输调度方法及系统(发明),专利号:ZL 2011 1 0335475.2,申请日:20111028日,授权公告日:2014416

11. 李云龙、张足生、于峰崎,车辆检测方法及其车辆检测系统以及车辆路径规划系统(发明),专利号:ZL 2012 1 0164144.1,申请日:2012524日,授权公告日:20141029

12. 张旗、于峰崎、李磊电力载波通信方法及装置(发明),专利号:ZL 2009 1 0239641.1,申请日:20091231日,授权公告日:201387

13. 王志奇、李磊、于峰崎,抄表用网关和抄表系统以及抄表方法,(发明),专利号:ZL 2009 1 0239645.X,申请日:20091231日,授权公告日:2013116




Research Interests

1) Wireless sensor networks

2) CMOS RF integrated circuits


4)Video processing


一、The Students who have graduated:

吴允栋  硕士研究生  080903-微电子学与固体电子学  

陶利强  博士研究生  081202-计算机软件与理论  

肖啸  博士研究生  081203-计算机应用技术  

卢兴强  硕士研究生  080903-微电子学与固体电子学  

李青华  硕士研究生  080903-微电子学与固体电子学  

李爱兴  硕士研究生  080903-微电子学与固体电子学  

田间  博士研究生  080903-微电子学与固体电子学  

彭大松  博士研究生  080903-微电子学与固体电子学  

史克清  硕士研究生  081002-信号与信息处理  

曹光明  博士研究生  081203-计算机应用技术  

王兴进  硕士研究生  081203-计算机应用技术  

马彪  硕士研究生  081203-计算机应用技术  

庞淑蓉  硕士研究生  081002-信号与信息处理  

董楚楚  硕士研究生  430112-计算机技术  

刘晋嘉  硕士研究生  085208-电子与通信工程  

邱国旺  硕士研究生  430109-电子与通信工程  

王志奇  博士研究生  081203-计算机应用技术  

练冠君  硕士研究生  081203-计算机应用技术  

盛志雄  博士研究生  080903-微电子学与固体电子学  

蒋文剑  博士研究生  080903-微电子学与固体电子学  

严克运  硕士研究生  085208-电子与通信工程  

强敢峯  硕士研究生  083100-生物医学工程  

黄冠楠  硕士研究生  081002-信号与信息处理  

朱红梅  博士研究生  081203-计算机应用技术

​二、The students who are studing:

孔德鑫  博士研究生  080903-微电子学与固体电子学   

黄勤劲  博士研究生  081104-模式识别与智能系统  

董楚楚  博士研究生  081203-计算机应用技术  

邱松德  硕士研究生  081203-计算机应用技术