Hongyan Wu received her Ph.D. from the University of Tokyo in 2011. She is now working as an associate professor  at the Research Center for Biomedical Information Technology Institute of Biomedical and Health Engineering, Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology,Chinese Academy Of Sciences. Her current research interests include Big Data Analytics & Health Informatics,deep learning, knowledge graph, etc..

Research Areas

 Big Data Analytics & Health Informatics,deep learning, knowledge graph, etc.. 


04/2008-03/2011   University of Tokyo    Phd
09/2003-07/2006   Chongqing University   Master
09/1999-07/2003   Chongqing University   Bachelor


Work Experience

01/2016-Now, Biomedical information technology research center,Biomedical information technology research center, Associate professor of engineering

04/2011-12/2015, Database Center of Life Sciences , Japan Institute of information systems, Senior  technologist


Recent Publications

  1.  Predicting unseen antibodies' neutralizability via adaptive graph neural networks, Nature Machine Intelligence (accepted, Co-corresponding author)
  2.  Perturb more, trap more: Understanding behaviors of graph neural networks, Neurocomputing, 2022(IF=5.779,Corresponding author 
  3.  Smoothness Sensor: Adaptive Smoothness-Transition Graph Convolutions for Attributed Graph Clustering,  IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics 2021(IF=19.118 Corresponding author )
  4. Heterogeneous Graph Convolutional Networks and Matrix Completion for miRNA-Disease Association Prediction, FRONTIERS IN BIOENGINEERING AND BIOTECHNOLOGY, 2020 (IF=6.064,Corresponding author )
  5.  Graph Polish: A Novel Graph Generation Paradigm for Molecular Optimization, IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, 2021(IF=14.255 Corresponding author )
  6.  Cascade architecture with rhetoric long short-term memory for complex sentence sentiment analysis,Neurocomputing,2020(IF=5.779,Corresponding author 


PhD Student  

  •     2022  Saba  Aslam  international student 

  •     2022   李晓利  Joint PhD Program(

Bacholor Student   

  •     2020 林越    

  •     2020  叶翔鹏   

  •     2021  芦德道  Joint  Program  with  Southern University of Science and Technology

  •     2021   陈哲棠    

  •     2020   储磊

  •     2020   黄戟  Joint  Program  with  Southern University of Science and Technology