Yang Bai is currently a Professor affiliated with Institute of Technology for Carbon Neutrality, Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology (SIAT), Chinese Academy of Sciences. Yang received his PhD degree in Chemical Engineering at The University of Queensland (UQ), Australia in 2014 under the supervision of Professor Lianzhou Wang. In 2015-2017, he did postdoctoral research in Professor Jinsong Huang’s group at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, US (now at University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill). Before joining SIAT, he has worked at UQ for four years first as UQ Development Fellow (Level A) and then Australian Research Council (ARC) DECRA Fellow (Level B, C). His research focuses on the design and synthesis of hybrid semiconductor materials (e.g. metal halide perovskite, colloidal quantum dot) for new-generation thin film photovoltaics and optoelectronics. As the key investigator, he achieved a world record efficiency of 16.6% for quantum dot solar cells in late 2018, which was highlighted in the NREL Best Research-Cell Efficiency Chart ( To date, he has published over 60 SCI papers, among which 28 were published as the first/corresponding author in top journals such as Nat. Energy, Nat. Commun., Adv. Mater., etc. These publications have received over 11000 citations with an H-index of 43. Yang also filed 4 US and PCT patents. His achievements are acknowledged by several awards and fellowships including Scopus Young Researcher Award (2019), UQ Foundation Research Excellence Award (2019), and ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (2018). He is serving as a Young Editorial Board member for journals such as SmartMat and eScience.

Research Areas

The design and synthesis of hybrid semiconductor materials for advanced photovoltaic and smart optoelectronics (solar cells, light emitting diodes, and photodetectors).



Ph.D.   in Chemical Engineering

The University of Queensland (UQ), St Lucia, Brisbane,   QLD, Australia


Graduate   Certificate in Research Commercialization, UQ,   St Lucia, Brisbane, QLD, Australia


                  Bachelor in Inorganic   Non-metal   Materials Engineering

                  Bachelor (Honours) in Chemistry

                 Talented   Students Program in Chemistry

                 Central South University (CSU),   Changsha, Hunan, China


Work Experience

Feb 2022-

Professor, Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Jan 2021-

Feb 2022

Exceptional promotion to Level C Senior Research Fellow, Sub-group Leader, AIBN, UQ

Jul 2019-Dec 2020

Australian   Research Council Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA) Fellow

(Level   B), AIBN, UQ

Lead Chief Investigator, Sub-group Leader   and PhD Advisor


UQ   Development Fellow (Level A), AIBN, UQ

Lead   Chief Investigator, Sub-group (9 researchers) Leader and PhD Advisor


Postdoctoral   Research Associate, Department of Mechanical and   Materials Engineering,

University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL), USA

Teaching Experience

Teaching at UQ (2017 - 2021)


CHEE 4301 Nanomaterials & Their Characterisation (Undergraduate), SECaT Score: 4.1/5 (2017)

MATE 7013 Advanced Manufacturing (Postgraduate), SECaT Score: 4.31/5 (2018), SECaT Score: 4.3/5 (2019)

MATE 7016 Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage (Postgraduate), SECaT Score: 4.1/5 (2020); 4.33/5 (2021)


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10.  Y. Bai, C. Han, X. Chen, H. Yu, X. Zong, Z. Li*, L. Wang*, Boosting the efficiency of quantum dot sensitized solar cells up to 7.11% through simultaneous engineering of photocathode and photoanode, Nano Energy, 2015, 13, 609-619. 


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