Shoujun Zhou 

Male, doctoral supervisor

Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Address: Nanshan District, Shenzhen City Xili University City, No. 1068

Postal Code: 518055

Research Areas

Medical image processing, image-guided therapy, interventional surgery robots

Admissions Information

recruit and train master and doctoral students

Scientific research

1. Participate in the award-winning project "fPAX research and application" in the domestic Pearl River Hospital, Guangzhou Military Region, Guangzhou General Hospital, Southern Hospital radiology application so far, GE and other domestic and foreign systems more stable.

2. Participate in the award-winning project "based on the sequence of cardiac function parameters quantitative measurement system" in a number of hospitals in the domestic hospital is recognized, so far in the function, stability, accuracy is still constantly improving.

3. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular analysis, my research results to the first author in the medical image of the international top journal Medical Image Analysis published.

4. Guided the team to carry out the research and development of vascular interventional surgery robot system, and won the "silver award of global medical robot innovation design competition" in November 2019.


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Research Interests

Medical image processing, computer aided diagnosis, interventional surgery robot


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