Professor Dr. Ding Lin


Laboratory of Continental Collision and Plateau Uplift

Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Address: 16th Campus, 3th Building, Lincui Road

Chaoyang District, Beijing 100101, P.R. China

Tel: +86-10-84097104

Fax: +86-10-84097079


Research Areas

My expertise lies in continental tectonics, regional geology, continental collision between Eurasia and India and uplift of Tibetan Plateau.


Ph.D. Structure and Tectonic, Institute of Geology, CAS, Graduate School, CAS, Beijing, 1999

Dissertion: Cenozoic collisional deformation and lithosphere tectonic evolution of the Eastern Himalayan Systaxis

B.S. Geology, Institute of Geology, CAS, Graduate School, CAS, Beijing, 1991

Undergraduate : Geology and Geodynamics, University of Beijing, 1988

Laboratory facilities, Grants and Teaching Experience

Laboratory facilities

  1. Ar/Ar and Helium age: Helix Noble Gas Mass Spectrometer with 5 Faraday/Multiplier detectors

  2. U-Pb Dating: MC-LA-ICP-MS, New Wave Laser + Agilent 7500a Mass Spectrometry

  3. EBSD: SEM+EDS+EBSD, Oxford HKL + Zeiss EVO MA10


2016-2020, Collision processes between India and Eurasia and tectonic metallogenic setting.

2015-2019, Deformation processes of the Himalaya syntaxis and mechanism of continental subduction.

2010-2014, Geological background of the polymerization process in southern Tibetan plateau.

2010-2013, Structural deformation and environmental change research on the Pamir plateau.

2009-2011, Paleoelevation estimation of Qinghai-Tibet plateau.

2007-2010, Tectonic evolution of the central Tibetan orogen .

2004-2007, Intracontinental subduction and orogenesis in Tibetan Plateau.

2003-2007,  Rifting and Mineralization in the Southern Tibet Plateau of the collision zone between Asia and India.

1998-2004,  Collision process and Cenozoic deformation between the India and Asian.

2002-2004,  Deformation and accretion in the Northern eastern Tibet.

1998-2002,  Cenozoic collisional deformation and raising process of NW Tibet.

1996-1998,  High-pressure Metamorphism and Raising Process of the Eastern Himalayan Syntaxis, China

1995-1997,  Mechanism of the formation of strike-slip basin: a study on the Tertiary basin in Tengchong area, Western Yunnan, China

1992-1996,  Intercontinental dynamic of Eastern Tibetan Plateau and Western Yunnan, China

1992-1996,  Deformation and Movement of the Paleotethys belt in Western Yunnan, China

1988-1991,  Tectonic evolution of Paleotethys Ocean belt, Western Yunnan, China

Teaching Experience

1. Tibet Plateau uplift Processes and its effects

2.  Earth Surface Processes and Geomorphology

3. Continental collision and mineralization



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