Yifan Huang    Shenzhen Insititutes of Adcanced Technology, CAS
Address: No 1068, Xueyuan Ave., Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China

Research Areas

Focused on pulsed power and plasma technology, including plasma sound source, low temperature plasma applications in pollutant treatment, material treatment and medicine


2005.09-2010.06 Ph.D. in Zhejiang University, China


Work Experience

2010.09-2014.10 work in Zhejiang University, China

2014.11-2015.11 work in City University of Hong Kong, China

2015.12-2017.05 work in Zhejiang University, China

2017.06- work in Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences



1.       L. Zhang, X. Zhu, H. Yan, Y. Huang*, Z. Liu and K. Yan, Luminescence flash and temperature determination of the bubble generated by underwater pulsed discharge, Applied Physics Letters, 2017, 110(3): 034101.

2.       Y. Huang, L. Zhang, H. Yan, X. Zhu, Z. Liu* and K. Yan, Experimental Study of the Electric Pulse Width Effect on the Acoustic Pulse of a Plasma Sparker, Oceanic Engineering, IEEE Journal of 2016, 41(3): 724 – 730.

3.       Y. Huang, L. Zhang, J. Chen, X. Zhu, Z. Liu* and K. Yan, Experimental Observation of the Luminescence Flash at the Collapse Phase of a Bubble Produced by Pulsed Discharge in Water, Applied Physics Letters, 2015, 107,184104.

4.       Y. Huang, L. Zhang, X. Zhang, S. Li, Z. Liu, K. Yan, Electroacoustic Process Study of Plasma Sparker Under Different Water Depth." Oceanic Engineering, IEEE Journal of 2015, 40,(4): 947-956.

5.        Y. Huang, H. Yan, B. Wang, X. Zhang, Z. Liu*, K. Yan, The electro-acoustic transition process of pulsed corona discharge in conductive water. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 2014. 47(25): p. 255204.


1.       A deep-towed plasma seismic source, Patent No.:CN201110025495.X;

2.       A multi-channel output pulsed power source for liquid discharge application, Patent No.:CN201220700920.0;

3.       A plasma sonar buoy, Patent No.: CN201310047286.4

4.       A multi-electrode array for bipolar discharge,Patent No.: CN201210549513.9 & European Patent,EP2804018B1

Research Interests

Pulsed Power Technology;

Plasma Sound Source;

Plasma Application;

Oceanic Seismic Survey;