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Chaperones are crucial for cellular life to ensure all proteins obtain their right fold and functionality. The promiscuous property of chaperones enables them to bind with a wide spectrum of client proteins from nascent proteins to quasi-native and native proteins. While mechanisms of chaperones aided protein folding have been intensively characterized, it is still largely unknown how chaperones act on folded clients and modulate the activity of the folded protein. To address this fundamental question, We apply NMR spectroscopy and other biophysics approaches to understand chaperone and client proteins recognition and interaction by investigating their intermediate conformations (excited state), protein dynamics modulations and the subsequently changes of its activities. 


2. 利用细菌外分泌囊泡为建立细菌感染与机体免疫反应的NMR研究体系

Bacterial outer membrane vesicles (OMVs) are nano‐sized compartments consisting of a lipid bilayer that encapsulates periplasm‐derived, luminal content. OMVs, which pinch off of Gram‐negative bacteria, are now recognized as a generalized secretion pathway which provides a means to transfer cargo to other bacterial cells as well as eukaryotic cells. Although it is well recognized that OMVs can enter and release cargo inside host cells during infection, the mechanisms of host association and uptake are not well understood. We apply biophysical, biochemical and cellular biological approaches to investigate characters of virulence factors in OMVs and study the mechanism of host cell association, uptake and innate immunue response to OMVs.


3. 纳米抗体筛选及利用NMR对抗原结合表位的表征

Single-domain antibody, also known as a nanobody, is an antibody fragment from Camelid consisting of a single monomeric variable antibody domain. It has a molecular weight of only 12–15 kDa. Nevertheless it is able to bind with a particular antigen with a high affinity. Besides higher affinity, smaller size, nanobody also has other advantages such as higher stability and easy expression in E.coli facilitating isotope labeling and epitope mapping via NMR.

4. 核磁共振波谱技术指导酶等蛋白质的定向进化

Directed evolution offers a valuable method to enhance existing characteristics and introduce entirely new functionalities to protein. However, the potential of this approach is naturally limited to small proteins due to the vast number of possible amino acid sequences. To explore the complete sequence space of a protein larger than 100 amino acids, one would need to test an overwhelming 20e100 combinations, surpassing the capabilities of current experimental methods. Nevertheless, functional hot spots in enzymes can be identified using NMR spectroscopy, offering simplicity in improving the activity of enzymes. As it does not require any prior knowledge of the protein's structure or bioinformatics. We anticipate its wide applicability and its ability to unlock the full potential of directed enzyme evolution.



专业方向:分析化学 (07开头)、生物化学、生物工程、生物技术(08开头)等




2021-06 至 - Nucleic Acids Research 杂志审稿人 

2019-01 至 - Nature Communication 杂志审稿人 

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2023年 担任湖北省生物化学与分子生物学会理事

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( 1 ) 中国科学院BR计划择优支持, 主持, 国家级  

( 2 ) 分子伴侣Hsp70对折叠客户 蛋白动力学性质及功能的影响, 主持, 自然科学基金委青年项目  

( 3) 分子伴侣去折叠客户蛋白机制研究, 主持, 自然科学基金委面上项目

( 4 ) 细胞外激发态蛋白NMR 标记与检测方法, 主持,课题负责人, 国家重点研发计划

( 5 ) The molecular basis for the regulation of substrate activity by a eukaryotic chaperone, 主持,瑞士自然科学基金项目

( 6 ) 酶激发态结构解析, 中国科学院先导专项,主持,课题负责人

( 7 ) 细胞中生物大分子结构与相互作用 的谱学测量, 基金委重大项目,参与, 国家级

( 8 ) 肺癌的超高灵敏谱学与成像新技术研究, 科技部重点研发计划, 参与, 国家级

( 9 ) 湖北省创新群体项目,参与



(2)Investigation of the modulation of native client protein dynamics and activites by chaperone Hsp70  新加坡  2019-07-03
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(7)Structure and dynamics of the periplasmic chaperone spy with its substrate im7  上海  2015-08-16


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