Yingfei Ma Ph.D, Professor

Principal Investigator, Center for Synthetic Microbiome

Center for Synthetic Microbiome 



Address: 1068 Xueyuan Avenue, Shenzhen University Town, Shenzhen, China

Research Areas

Phageome, Phage synthetic biology


Sept. 2005-Apri. 2009, Ph.D., Microbiology, Institute of Microbiology Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China


Work Experience

Sept. 2015-Now, Shenzhen Advanced Institute of Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lab PI. Associate Professor

Sept. 2012-Sept.2015, York University School of Medicine, Research Scientist

May. 2011-Sept.2012, York University School of Medicine, Postdoc

Jun. 2009-May.2011, University of California, San Diego, Postdoc scholar



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