Mingyi Yang, male, Graduate supervisor,  Shenyang Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Address: 135 Chuang Xin Road Hunnan New District, Shenyang
Postal code: 110168

Research Areas

The main research fields are:
1) running performance test and intelligent maintenance of major equipment;
2) complex industrial process control, quality predictive control and fault diagnosis technology;
3) the technology of autonomous optimization decision-making based on industrial knowledge atlas;
4) high performance real-time measurement, control and simulation technology;
5) High Precision Complex Assembly based on digital twinning;
He has participated in and been responsible for the research and application of major national projects, such as 863 Program, Basic Defense Research Projects, explosives, lunar exploration projects, manned spaceflight projects and Mars exploration. These include:
Combining the "Industry 4.0" concept with the "Made in China 2025" development plan, to explore the realization method of intelligent manufacturing in the field of national defense, such as dynamic perception, real-time analysis, autonomous decision-making and precise execution, build the architecture of vertical integration, horizontal integration and end-to-end integration of the intelligent factory, and have the existing research foundation of the unit, new Generation of information control technologies such as big data, machine learning, digital twinning, multivariate statistical monitoring, deep learning, knowledge mapping, advanced process control, and intelligent system optimization and decision-making are being developed
2. Large and medium-sized automation equipment and production line in discrete manufacturing industry such as aerospace/defense industry, DCS control system and high-end intelligent system equipment in process industry, etc.
3. The real-time simulation system based on data-driven and fusion mechanism model and the software platform of data analysis and optimization decision-making in Aerospace/defense industry.



University of Chinese Academy of Sciences with a phd in mechatronic engineering


Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, master degree in mechanical and electronic engineering


Shenyang Jianzhu University, bachelor degree in automation


Work Experience

2012.02 -- 2013.12 

Shenyang Institute of Automation,Chinese Academy of Sciences, second-level research intern

2014.01 -- 2018.12 

Shenyang Institute of Automation,Chinese Academy of Sciences, assistant researcher

  January 2019 -- until now, 

Shenyang Institute of Automation,Chinese Academy of Sciences, associate researcher


1) Quality Prediction Model of KICA-JITL-LWPLS Based on Wavelet Kernel Function, Processes, 2022, 通讯作者
(2) Quality Prediction of Plasticizing and Molding Process of Single-Based Gun Propellant Based on GG-KECA-RVM Multi-Stage Model Fusion, IEEE ICMRE 2022, 2022, 
(3) 绳系拖拽系统半物理仿真实验装置设计与控制, Design and control of semi-physical simulation device for tether dragging system, 哈尔滨工业大学学报, 2022, 第 5 作者
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(15) Perceiving and predicting the intended motion with human-machine interaction force for walking assistive exoskeleton robot, IEEE ICMA 2013, 2013, 第 1 作者

Patent results
[1] Yu Haibin, Xu Zhigang, Liu Songkai, Li Feng, Yang Mingyi, song Hailong, Bai Xinlin. Assembly method of high dexterity screw tightening for large length-diameter ratio and easy deformation cylinder section. CN: CN112404965A, 2021-02-26.
[2] Yang Mingyi, he yun, Xu Zhigang, Xu Yongli, Ge Fei, Zhang Xiao. A wireless measurement and control system and method for aerospace test equipment. CN: CN106855716A, 2017-06-16.

Research Interests

Scientific research projects
(1) control optimization and fault detection for complex industrial processes, person in charge, Chinese Academy of Sciences planning, 2021-01-2024-12
(2) XX engine molding manufacturing system, principal, national task, 2020-01-2022-12
(3) intelligent XX on-line detection technology and process expert database research, principal, national task, 2019-01-2022-12
(4) research and development of XX production line DCS process control system, responsible person, entrusted by Enterprise, 2019-01-2021-12
(5) Intelligent Safety Assembly Line System Technology, participation, national mission, 2020-01-2022-12
(6) XX-4 satellite pointing antenna zero-gravity follow-up test system, in charge, entrusted by enterprises, 2015-06-2017-06
(7) gravity unload device for directional antenna of Mars rovers, person in charge, entrusted by enterprises, 2016-01-2018-01
(8) performance test system of weak impact docking mechanism for lunar exploration phase III, person in charge, entrusted by enterprises, 2013-01-2015-01
(9) pulsating Digital Intelligent Assembly workshop for complex aerospace products, person in charge, entrusted by enterprises, 2016-01-2021-12
(10) data-driven single-base drug failure detection and quality optimization technology research, Principal, Institute self-selected, 2022-01-2023-12
(11) design and development, participation, enterprise entrust, 2022-01-2023-06
(12) theory and method of low-stress assembly of large aerospace structural components, principal, Institute of Choice, 2022-10-2025-10
(13) study on the mechanism of quality defect formation and its inhibition method in composite propellant molding process, principal, Institute self-selected, 2022-10-2025-10
(14) failure prediction and agile maintenance technology for unmanned XX equipment on the ground, person in charge, national mission, 2022-10-2025-10


(1)Zero Gravity Tracking System Using Constant Tension Suspension for a Multidimensional Framed Structure Space Antenna   2016-07-19
(2)Perceiving and Predicting the Intended Motion with Human-Machine Interaction Force for Walking Assistive Exoskeleton Robot   2013-08-04



赵金龙  硕士研究生  085500-机械  

杜国庆  硕士研究生  085400-电子信息  

Honors & Distinctions

Reward information
(1)2019 China Automation Field annual outstanding team, Grand Prize, national level, 2019
(2) Liaoning province“Xing Liao talented person plan”, first prize, other, 2018
(3)2013 Chinese Academy of Sciences Shenyang Institute of Automation Second Prize, Second Prize, Institute (School) , 2013