Dr. Qingshan Jiang, Professor
Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology
Chinese Academy of Science
Telephone: 0755-86392340
Address: 1068 Xueyuan Avenue, Shenzhen University Town Shenzhen, China
Postcode: 518055

Research Areas

Data mining, information security, pattern recognition, big data analysis, AI,  statistical data modeling


Ph.D. in mathematics from Chiba Institute of Technology, Japan, in 1996; Ph.D. in computer science from University of Sherbrooke, Canada, in 2002. Post-doc fellow at The Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences, University of Toronto, Canada


Work Experience

Professor and director at Shenzhen Key Lab for High Performance Data Mining, Shenzhen Institute of Advanced  Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China. He has been a professor at Xiamen University since 2003,and has more than 170 publications.

Teaching Experience

Teaching at UCAS and Xiamen University since 2003, such as data mining,  statistical data modeling, software engineering, and others


He has published more than 170 papers at international journals and conferences, such as Pattern Recognition, IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, Journal of Knowledge and Information Systems, SIGKDD, and ICDM.

Part of Papers

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Research Funds

His research work has been supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and the Science and Technology Programs of Guangdong and Shenzhen, China.
Research Projects

  1. National Nature Science Foundation Grant; 

  2. Guangdong: Security Control and Trusted Enhancement Management System for Large-scale Dynamic Infrastructure;

  3. Shenzhen: Joint Engineering Research Center for Health Big Data Intelligent Analysis Technology;

  4. National Local Joint Engineering Research Center for Health Big Data Intelligent Analysis Technology.


Lifei Chen;

Zhiling Hong;

Heshan Guan;

Yanfang Ye;

Weiwei Zhuang;

Dan Wei;

Jiacai Pan;

Wei Zhang;

Chunling Fan;

A S M Touhidul Hasan;

Jean-Pierre Niyigena;


Abdur Rasool;

Hui Chen;


more than 150 students