Welcome to Yingjie Tian‘s Home Page

Welcome to Yingjie Tian’s Homepage

Yingjie Tian
Research Center on Fictitious Economy and Data Science, CAS 
University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Contact Information
Room 215, Buliding 6
Zhongguancun East Road 80
Haidian District, Beijing
Postcode: 100190
Email: tyj@ucas.ac.cn

Research Areas

Mathematical programming
Machine learning
Data Mining
Support Vector Machines
Intelligent Knowledge Management
Risk analysis and management


2002-09--2005-06 China Agricultural University, Ph.D. 
1994-09--1997-04 Beijing Institute of Technology, M.Sc. 
1990-09--1994-07 Shandong Normal University , B.Sc.


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