Wang Heran 

Associate Researcher

Shenyang Institute of Automation

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Heran Wang (0000-0003-3321-4438) - ORCID

Research Areas

Bioprinting | Bio-design



(1) Valve-based consecutive bioprinting method for multimaterial tissue-like constructs with controllable interfacesBIOFABRICATION, 2021

(2) Vascularized organ bioprinting: From strategy to paradigmCELL PROLIFERATION, 2023

(3) Bioprinting of light-crosslinkable neutral-dissolved collagen to build implantable connective tissue with programmable cellular orientationBIOFABRICATION, 2023

Research Interests

1. What are the principles and control methods of the transport and assembly mechanics of viscoelastic ink in the process of bioprinting?

2. What innovative processes can be developed to address the "efficiency-precision-cell compatibility" paradox in multi-material 3D printing?

3. What kind of biological design theories and methods should be established to address the vascularization challenges in the in vitro construction of tissue/organs?