Jianjun Yu,Doctoral supervisor
Telephone: +86(10)58812321
Address: 4th, nansijie, Zhongguancun, Haidian District, Beijing, China 
Postcode: 100190

Research Areas

Big Data, User Behavior Analysis, Recommendar System, Management Informatization


2002.9-2007.7 Beihang University, Ph.D

1998.9-2002.7 Zhejiang University of Technology, Computer Science, B.S


Work Experience

2015.12-now Computer Network Information Center, Professor

2009.12-2015.12 Computer Network Information Center, Associate Professor

2007.7-2009.12 Computer Network Information Center, Assistant Professor



Recent 5 years:

(1) Hilltop based recommendation in co-author networks, PKADD workshop, 2019

(2) Community Detection and Co-author Recommendation in Co-author Networks, International Journal of Machine Learning and Computing

(3) A Novel Method of Overrun Risk Measurement and Assessment using Large Scale QAR Data, IEEE BigData Service, 2018

(4) Scientific Users' Interest Detection and Collaborators Recommendation, IEEE BigData Service, 2018

(5) Mining User Interests for Personalized Tweet Recommendation on Map-Reduce Framework, ICEIS 2017

(6) Achievable rate maximization for decode-and-forward MIMO–OFDM networks with an energy harvesting relay, SpringerPlus, 2016

(7) A Novel Freeway Traffic Speed Estimation Model with Massive Cellular Signaling Data, the International Journal of Web Services Research, 2016

(8) Combining Long-term and Short-term User Interest for Personalized Hashtag Recommendation, Frontiers of Computer Science, 2015


Graduated students:

Fuchun Jiang  M.D.  085211

Lei Zhou  M.D.  081202  

Lei Ding  M.D.  085211

Hao Lv  M.D.  085211

Xuan Ou M.D.  085211

Yuchun Liu  M.D.  081202

Under postgraduate

Menghai Kang  M.D.  081202

Bo Feng   M.D.  081202

Chunyu Liu  M.D. 081202

Yue Wang  Ph.D  081202