Dr. Zhengping Hao is chair professor of University of Chinese Academic Sciences (UCAS). He is currently the director of Research Center for Environmental Material & Pollution Control Technology, UCAS (2017) and the director of National Engineering Laboratory for VOCs Pollution Control Material & Technology, China (2016). He is a recognized expert in air pollution control, enviromental engineering, catalysis and porous materials.

Research Center for Environmental Material & Pollution Control Technology,

National Engineering Laboratory for VOCs Pollution Control Material & Technology,

University of Chinese Academy of Sciences,

Beijing 101408, P. R. China.



Research Areas

Pollution (VOCs, acid gases and green house gases) control, nano porous materials, green catalysis, absorption/separation, hazardous material treatment, and environmental engineering


He received his PhD degree from the Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academic Sciences (CAS) in 1996.


In 1999 Dr. Hao joined the Research Center for Eco-Environmental Science(RCEES, CAS), as an associate professor. In the period of 2000-2001, he worked as a visiting scientist in the Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Queensland, Australia. He was promoted to full professor of RCEES, CAS in 2002. In 2018 he joined University of Chinese Academy Sciences (UCAS)  as the director of Research Center for Environmental Material & Pollution Control Technology UCAS and the director of National Engineering Laboratory for VOCs Pollution Control Material& Technology, China.

Work Experience

His research is funded by the NSFC, MOST, SOE of China, CAS, GM, SIDA and industrials. He has authored over 300 international journal publications and issued 50 patents for nano materials and air pollution control technologies. He did lots of research and development on functional materials, catalysts, environmental engineering and pollution control technologies. Some materials and control technologies for VOCs, H2S(SOx) and N2O(NOx) pollution have been validated, scaled and commercialized up. Dr. Hao has graduated 39 Ph.D students in Environmental Science & Engineering, and 14 students have received their M. Sc degrees under his mentorship.

The scientific contributions of Dr Hao have allowed him to receive some honors throughout his professional career. He got  the first prize of environmental protection technology progress in 2020, the distinguished young scholar award of National Natural Science Foundation of China in 2007 and UniSA Distinguished Researcher Award of 2010. His research work has been repeatedly cited and highlighted by many important journals. He services the industrial and scientific community, include serving as editor board of 5 academic journals and referee for more than 20 international academic journals. He attended lots of professional activities and served for international organization, government council and industrial consultancy in past twenty years.



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Research Interests

Nano porous materials, green catalysis, pollution control technologies, hazardous material treatment and environmental engineering

Honors & Distinctions

Awards and Activities

The First Prize of Enviromental Protection Science and Technology  2022

The First Prize of Technological Progress Enviromental Protection Industries 2021

National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholar (NSFC) 2007

UniSA Distinguished Researcher Award, 2010

Associate Editor of Global Environment Sciences, 2023-

Editorial Advisory Board of Environmental Surfaces and Interfaces, 2023-

Editorial Advisory Board of ACS ES&T Engineering, 2020-

Editorial Board of Catalysis Communication, 2012-

Editorial Board of J. Hazardous Materials, 2012-

Editorial Board of CEJ Advances, 2020-

Editorial Advisory Board of Rare Earth, 2003-

Board of Inter. J. Chem. Eng (ISSN 0974-5793), 2008-2016

Board of China Science Bulletin, 2002-2008

Guest Editor: Catalysis Today (2010), Energy and Fuel (2010), Asia Pacific Journal of Chemical Engineering (2008).

Chief of Committee for Waste Gas Treatment of China Environmental Protection Industries, 2004-

Committee of Catalysis Society of China, 2001-

Co-Chair of the 7th Asia Pacific Conference on Sustainable Energy and Environmental Technologies (2009)